School Level: 
Roman Catholic Church

Mrs. Margaret Little-Wilson  Chairman
Mrs. Ingrid Robinson  Member
Ms. Tanya Brown  Member
Sr. Pauline Gunda, RSM  Member
Mrs. Nicolette McDonnough-Foster  Principal
Ms. Alison Smith  Academic Staff Representative
Mr. Devon Levy  P.T.A. Representative
Mr. Keeble Allen  Community Representative

About Us

The establishment of the NCE was born out of the need to have a non-partisan, national and strategically placed organisation that would "address a wide range of issues impacting on the education process".


For general information about the NCE, please contact us at:

  • nce(@)
  • Executive Director: 968-4609 
  • School Governance & Public Relations: 906-8145, 908-3238
  • Finance & Admin: 754-8995
  • Policy & Planning: 754-6679
  • 1st Floor Caldon Finance Building
    52-60 Grenada Crescent Kingston 5