School Level: 

Rev. Delia Picart-Hibbert  Chairman
Mrs. Claudette Baker-Archer  Member
Mr. Garfield A. Rowe Principal
Ms. Jacqueline Richards  Academic Staff Representative 
Mrs. Kayden Johnson-Crosse  P.T.A. Representative
Mrs. Pernell Rowe  Community Representative 

About Us

The establishment of the NCE was born out of the need to have a non-partisan, national and strategically placed organisation that would "address a wide range of issues impacting on the education process".


For general information about the NCE, please contact us at:

  • info (@)
  • 754-8995, 754-6679 906-8145,
    906-2649 908-3238, 960-9321
  • 1st Floor Caldon Finance Building
    52-60 Grenada Crescent Kingston 5